The Guilt Every Parent Must Feel Sometimes

Let me start out today by sharing the excitement I felt at work over getting a bonus. I could sure help out the whole family. The brood always needs something practical and mundane. It is no fun to buy ordinary supplies, or even new shoes, when I could get something as a reward for myself. After all the money came from what I did at work. So I went out and bought a new watch that cost just under $500 after reading about it on Timepiece Quarterly. Yes, it is really a good one—sporty and masculine. I should feel guilty about spending on myself, but I don’t. Somehow I am going to provide for my siblings so they do not lack a single thing. This includes the mini weekend vacation we are planning.

In reality, the watch was on sale and runs for upwards of $800, so I couldn’t resist the bargain. I am so excited that I have to crow in this blog because I am not ready to tell my brother and sister just yet. They would be happy for me, of course, but I am not sure I want to see any disappointed faces. They might think that we have to kiss the vacation goodbye. But no, I will make it clear that it is still on the agenda.

There is nothing like a smart watch made out of quality materials in stainless steel with an easy-to-read touchscreen. I don’t even know what “hands” are. I’ve heard of them. Ha! I can stay connected to every device in my arsenal with display notifications. Texts, calls, emails, and app updates are all within reach. Plus, I get Bluetooth technology. It has built-in activity tracking for those who like to count their steps and total distance for the day. Real diehards get calorie counting too. Everything is automatic with no buttons to push.

What’s more, I can control the music on my favorite player. The smart watch has voice activation. Can you understand now why I just had to have it! It comes with an inductive charging magnet which you need after 24-hours of use. No biggie. It also happens to be stylish and looks great on my wrist. I can change out the straps if I like. What more could you want from a men’s watch under $500.