Finding Balance

When we first moved here to Lancaster, I have to admit that it was a little bit of a mess. It was hard to adjust and catch a rhythm, create routines for everyone, care for my siblings and myself, and on top of that, stay calm and grounded. I kept reminding myself that it would be okay, things would eventually fall into place and we’d settle down properly soon.

Moving house is a stressful event in itself, and besides that, what had happened still loomed over us. This was completely normal, of course, but it nevertheless affected our lives at least for the first few weeks. My brother and sister had to change schools, and I had to find a job, but luckily everyone here in our neighborhood has been so nice and helpful, and they made the transition a little bit easier. They helped me find a job and gave me some great advice.

Our new lives had begun rather unexpectedly, but we were holding on tightly. To be honest, my biggest challenge was cooking. My brother and sister turned out to be better at it than me, even though they’re younger, but I’m getting better every day. What really helped was getting some appliances that made our lives easier. We got a pressure cooker, meat grinder and an immersion blender which we use practically every day, thanks Kristin & John. Save for the microwave, they’re our kitchen staples.

A couple of months ago I even started experimenting a little in the kitchen and trying out some new recipes. I’m no Gordon Ramsey (yet), but this was a huge improvement. I even got a new cookbook! Who knew that someone who could barely make himself some scrambled eggs would be buying cookbooks one day?

I realized that it was all about balance. But it’s as much about the process of finding it, as actually obtaining it. This is the hard part. My little sister is a very tough one, and she constantly reminds me that even if I stray away, it’s completely fine, I can just try again tomorrow. She is very smart, she’s my rock. My brother is also very supportive, but he’s the practical one. He doesn’t get concerned about things as much because he just has confidence that it’ll work out, whatever it is.

We’re doing good now. I got a better job than the one I had before, and I even have more free time to spend with my family. Lancaster has been good to us.