From Nuts to Nostalgia

I consider myself a laid back guy. I mean, I did go through university eating ramen and I’m not too particular when it comes to fancy dinners and things like that. I have lived in apartments, so I know that they can get a little cramped.

However, my sister has a hobby that drives me insane. Her sewing machine is always whirling, and I’m just trying to relax after a hard day at work. I have to juggle getting home on time for them, but then I am confronted with the noise of the sewing machine.

While some might consider it soothing, the sound just grates on me. It’s almost like nails on a chalk board. I really don’t want to discourage my sister, so I just suck it up.

One night, I was just trying to unwind, and my sister told me that she was working on a surprise for me. I was kind of shocked because we’re not really much of a gift giving family. We’re kind of always on a budget, and my sister doesn’t really have a lot of money. She told me she’d have it ready for my birthday.

I just kind of shrugged it off. It was sweet but what could a kid really make that was any good? Well, the day came that she was to give me what she made. I was kind of nervous. It turns out, she had made me a bag. It had a picture of our family on it from when we were all younger.

I didn’t even know they could put pictures on fabric like that. She had had to order the fabric long in advance. Memories of when it was all of us as a family came flooding back. That particular day we had all went to a water park. We didn’t want to take a picture, but Dad said that it would make a good memory later.

As kids, we were all impatient to get on the slides. Since I was older, I was just wanting to hit on some girls there and possibly get some numbers. I know I was immature, but my siblings and I have an age gap so that’s just life. I’d already done the slides.

Now, I’m a parent almost. I’m surprised by how sentimental this got me. I was choking back tears. I actually was surprised that she could be so thoughtful. She didn’t really know how much this meant to me.

I use the bag to pick up groceries. It’s a weird job, but it’s also cool. She’s made me a few other bags since so I can carry all my groceries in reusable bags.

When I hear the whirl and twirl of the machine now, I feel blessed. I’m raising some good kids. It’s actually become a soothing sound for me. It lets me know that she’s not getting up to any trouble.