From Nuts to Nostalgia

I consider myself a laid back guy. I mean, I did go through university eating ramen and I’m not too particular when it comes to fancy dinners and things like that. I have lived in apartments, so I know that they can get a little cramped. However, my sister has a hobby that drives me … Continue reading "From Nuts to Nostalgia"

Finding Balance

When we first moved here to Lancaster, I have to admit that it was a little bit of a mess. It was hard to adjust and catch a rhythm, create routines for everyone, care for my siblings and myself, and on top of that, stay calm and grounded. I kept reminding myself that it would … Continue reading "Finding Balance"

Growing Up Quickly

It wasn’t a question of where my brother and sister would go in my mind. I knew I couldn’t live with myself seeing them somewhere else: with some another family, with the potential to be separated from the last bit of family they have left. Not when I could try to do something about it. … Continue reading "Growing Up Quickly"

Awkward Date Tonight

I am still a little in disbelief that this even happened, to be honest. First, though, I have to set the stage: My brother had been invited to a sleepover, which made my sister incredibly jealous. I suggested that she find a friend to stay here with us instead, and the idea wasn’t met with … Continue reading "Awkward Date Tonight"

Staying in Lancaster

We probably could have gone anywhere to live, but I chose Lancaster. My brother and sister had already been going to school here and I didn’t want to take them away from their friends. Fortunately, I work right near York, so I was able to keep my job. My commute got longer, sure, and I … Continue reading "Staying in Lancaster"